Weil Pump is expanding its line of all stainless steel submersible pumps. These pumps are constructed of high quality cast 316 stainless steel along with chemical resistant cords and viton elastomers. Typical applications for these pumps are those wet pits where exposure to corrosive chemicals is likely, such as in lab waste and landfill leachate scenarios.

Today we are introducing four new all stainless steel pump models in 4″ discharge:

  • 2517 S wastewater pump
  • 2523 S wastewater pump
  • 2534 S slicer pump
  • 2574 S vortex mover pump

These new pumps are all designed for use with our model 2613 S quick removal system. Like the pumps, the 2613 S is made from all cast 316 stainless steel for chemical resistant applications.