Our new 3300 series centrifugal motor pumps are NSF 61 / 372 certified for pumping potable water, such as in domestic booster systems.  These pumps are also perfect for chillers or other process cooling.

Weil pumps are designed for reliability and convenience.  These pumps feature compact, close-coupled designs that are a real space-saver, while the back pullout design allows service to be performed on the pump without disturbing the piping.  Weep holes in the impeller and a centerline discharge ensures that air is properly vented during start-up.

The high quality construction is exactly what you’ve come to expect from Weil Pump.  These pumps use 304 stainless steel volutes and impellers, as well as stainless steel shafts (on J56 frame motors) or carbon steel shafts with stainless steel sleeves (on JM frame motors).  The type 21 mechanical seal is either carbon/ceramic or carbon/silicon-carbide, and a cast iron motor adapter supports the seal and prevents pump flex.

The 3300 series pumps are available now for flows of up to 400 gallons per minute and heads up to 275 feet. See our brochure below for more information.